TITAN recruits, manages and staffs the following categories of labor:
• Catering
• Marine
• Rig
TITAN also sources and handles the provision of groceries for the preparation of meals.
TITAN is MLC certified.  STOW and ISO 9001 certificates

Given our wealth of experience in this area TITAN is able to tap into its vast personnel database. TITAN has also developed healthy working relationships with associations, unions and community groups to ensure a smooth workflow. Industrial Relations consultancy services may also be included as part of the labor component.


The Company provides 24hour medical services through our retained Occupational Health Physician and American Board Certified General Surgeon. In the event of an accident or illness on-shore or on-board an offshore vessel/installation, this allows for prompt response, facilitation and execution of definitive care for the patient. The Company’s medical representative is able to perform invasive and non-invasive interventions; medical and trauma management; and make critical emergency healthcare decisions.

In addition, the Company’s dedicated Physician is able to conduct medical examinations/ certifications in accordance with the industry standard. This is supported by Management’s established rapport with various medical institutions on the island and fluency with the Medivac procedure.

Work Permit Applications

TITAN prepares, submits and handles all relevant documents and processes to obtain timely Work Permits (WP) for expatriates operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

Step 1: TITAN receives request for WP application from the Client followed by all supporting documentation.

Step 2: TITAN submits application (group or individual) to the WP Department of the Ministry of National Security for processing; the package includes: application form; cover letter; resume & certification; passport bio data; passport photos; police reference.

Step 3: WP Department of the Ministry of National Security meets and reviews the application, and then sends it to the Ministry of Energy.

Step 4: The Ministry of Energy reviews and then makes recommendations to the Ministry of National Security for approval or refusal.

Step 5: WP Department of the Ministry of National Security conducts a final review and issues approval with WPs or sends denial.

Step 6: TITAN gives WP to Client personnel.

Visa Applications

TITAN prepares, submits and handles all relevant documents and processes to obtain VISAS for expatriates operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

ENTRY VISA—This is a supplemental visa that is required by personnel who are nationals of countries that require visas to gain entry to Trinidad and Tobago. While a work permit allows an individual to work regardless of his nationality, an entry visa gives the person permission to enter the island for a specified period as long as the said person’s nationality satisfies the immigration requirements. If the intent of the visit is to work there is a requirement for the person to apply for a work permit.

VISA WAIVER—A waiver of the entry visa can be obtained at a port of entry to certain foreign nationals, whilst for particular countries, an entry visa is compulsory. In some cases, where the visa waiver is applicable, an application for a prior approval of this facility must be acquired from the Immigration Division.

MANDATORY VISA—In the case of nationalities where an entry visa is mandatory, “Prior Approval” must be obtained before being allowed to enter Trinidad.

Meet and Assist & Transportation

TITAN provides MEET AND ASSIST services at the Piarco International Airport. Expatriates and persons entering the country on business are met and assisted by a TITAN representative through Immigration and Customs so as to ensure a smooth entry in the country.

The arriving passenger will be met in the Immigration Hall by our representative who will assist with the speedy clearance/ the authorization to enter the individual under our Immigration Bond and payment of any fees.
After Immigration clearance, all arriving personnel will proceed to the Customs area for luggage collection.

TITAN arranges ground transportation via preapproved taxi services, buses and/or rentals for Incoming and Outgoing Personnel entering and/or leaving Trinidad, as well as throughout their stay in the country.


Hotel Accommodation
TITAN maintains a healthy relationship with all the major hotels in the country and is able to arrange special corporate and group rates.

Office Space
TITAN is well placed to secure safe/suitable office space for our Clients who wish to have a local base.

TITAN is experienced and equipped in securing suitable accommodation for our Clients in any part of the country.

Shipping and Customs

TITAN handles all matters related to the importation and exportation of vessels.

This includes:
• Berthing
• Pilotage
• Helideck Inspection
• Customs Brokerage
• Navigation Certification
• Droghers Certificate Application
• Mobbing and Demobbing of Cargo
• Entrance and Clearance of Droghers
• Port Health Inspection / Port Authority Services
• Arrangement of Support Vessels, Tugs and Cranes
• Arrangement of Rummage/Customs/Immigration
• Mobilization and Demobilization of Offshore Personnel

Importation | Procurement

TITAN provides Importation services to clients who may require parts, materials, equipment, consumables and general merchandise to be brought into the country from overseas. This can be done via air or sea.

Items to be sourced and imported may include:
• Oilfield & PetroChemical Equipment
• General Merchandise
• Marine Spares
• Electrical & Mechanical Spares
• Heavy & Out of Gauge Machinery
• Personal & House Hold Effects

This service also includes:
• Inventory control
• Checking contents of packages against invoices & packing lists
• Segregation & re-packing
• Provision of on board Courier service or regular Courier service.

TITAN is experienced and able to source and purchase goods/services/fuel for its Client in keeping with standard procurement practices.