Safety Mandate

TITAN is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of its operations. The Company recognizes and accepts the mandate to conduct its activities in a responsible manner and will, so far as it is reasonably practical, provide a safe system of work that protects the health and safety of its employees, visitors and sub-contractors and at the same time minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.

The Company recognizes that in order to optimize the functioning of the Company’s Health and Safety Policy, together with achieving excellence in its business and work environment, the commitment and co-operation of all management, staff, sub-contractors and visitors are paramount.

Protection of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. TITAN is committed to continuing improvement towards an accident-free workplace through effective administration, education and training.

TITAN recognizes that good health; safety and environmental management positively redound to the organization and makes good business sense. All new and contract employees will receive a Health, Safety and Environment Orientation, which includes familiarization with the Company’s Health, Safety
and Environment Policy. This Orientation Program is supplemented with the necessary health and safety training that is appropriate to the employee’s level of employment.